The Council of State overturns the decision banning the sale of CBD flowers

The twists and turns surrounding the legality of CBD continue to stir the small hemp community. On Monday January 24, the Council of State suspended the government decision banning the sale of CBD.

On December 30, the Ministry of Health issued an order banning the marketing of hemp flowers and leaves, two substances containing the famous cannabidiol, known as CBD. The text prohibited the possession and rough transfer of the plant, however non-psychotropic.

To defend their jobs, industry professionals made an urgent appeal to the Council of State seeking annulment of the decision. As a result, the Council held in its decision that it: “does not follow from the instruction (…) than hemp flowers and leaves whose THC content (the psychotropic molecule of cannabis) does not exceed 0.30%, would have a degree of health hazard justifying a general and absolute ban on sale to consumers and their consumption. »

The suspension applies for the time being “for the time being” while waiting for the instance “decides definitively on the merits of the legality of the contested decision. »

A breather that should give professionals time to catch their breath. In the meantime, the State has to pay the total amount of 13,000 euros to the thirteen applicant companies.

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