Where should you dispose of used paint cans?

Have you started painting your house but don’t know how to get rid of your paint cans? Be careful, whether they’re empty or still started, you can’t throw them in the trash like any harmless item. Pots of paint are indeed considered to be polluting products and therefore dangerous for the environment. They should be disposed of in an appropriate place.

Paint cans contain environmentally hazardous chemicals. Therefore, when handling them, they should be used with care. Just as it is forbidden to throw paint in the toilet or sink, it is also not allowed to throw a can of paint in the household garbage.

There are several options to ensure that you do not pollute the soil or water:

  • The recycling center: municipalities often offer a recycling service where you can bring this “Hazardous Household Waste”. To do this, go to the website of your town hall. The ECODS site, specialized in the collection and recycling of waste, has put a map online to find a collection point in the blink of an eye.
  • If going to a recycling center is too restrictive for you, you can find out at the store where you bought your paint cans. More and more brands are offering to collect this type of waste.

Have the right reflexes and always remember to recycle your waste in the right place.

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