World Naked Gardening Day: Celebrating your body and reconnecting with nature

Do you know the height of the gardener? It gets naked for your tomatoes to make them blush! However, this is not a joke, nor a far-fetched idea: this Saturday, May 7, the French and the French were invited to practice gardening in the simplest device. Invented 17 years ago in the United States by a permaculturist skilled in naturism, this practice has made its way to France.

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“When I’m completely naked, I reconnect with nature”

Christelle has tested it: in her garden near Périgueux, since the return of spring, she has been gardening… completely naked! For france bluethe fifty-year-old is amused: when she passes the mower, she sprains the practice of naturism by putting on a pair of boots.

“I have the impression that when I’m completely naked I feel my garden everywhere, on my arms, my feet, when it tickles my legs…”

Christine for France Blue

If naturism invites you to your home, it is not for the benefit of your neighbours: undressing in public is prohibited by law! In the privacy of your garden, this quasi-philosophical practice serves a purpose: reconnecting with the living.

Naturism and permaculture

Invented in 2005 by American magazine editor Mark Storey Nude & Natural magazine and permaculturist Jacob Gabriel, World Naked Gardening Day is now practiced around the world. If the concept is surprising, it is becoming more and more popular: practicing naturism in the garden is a way of being at one with nature and would have many benefits. Connecting your body directly to the earth can even bring your body back into balance and treat conditions such as stress, fatigue or even chronic pain!

Celebrate your body

Beyond its bond with nature and its soothing virtues for mind and body, bare-bones gardening advocates a different philosophy, this time centered around the positive body† Because gardening naked would also be a way of accepting your body as it is: a theory that follows the French naturist community (one of the largest in the world), which numbers almost 2.6 million people.

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Gardening naked under the benevolent gaze of blushing tomatoes? Another way to celebrate your body and its imperfections!

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