How do you welcome the swallow in the garden? 4 simple and valuable tips for the species.

After a winter flight to the African continent, the swallow is back in France. In this spring season, therefore, it is appropriate to welcome it as it should be in the garden, especially since this migratory bird is in danger of extinction (on the territory alone, 40% of the specimens have disappeared in two decades). Here are valuable tips for this Protect her.

Install a birdhouse

To welcome the swallow and make it want to stay (this goes for any other bird), install a shelter in your yard. You can buy it commercially or make your own by following our simple and practical advice. Please note, the birdhouse cannot be placed just anywhere. It should be high (between 1m50 and 3m) to protect the swallow from predators, as well as shelter from the sun and the prevailing wind.

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Focus on the nests

It is not uncommon for the swallow to return to the same nest for several years in a row. To welcome it into your garden, do not touch the nest, even if it appears damaged. For the bird it is a quiet place and safe from danger. You can also install artificial nests to aid this species in decline, as recommended by the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO). This is also the project currently underway in the Gironde.

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Don’t touch the roof!

Did you know that swallows like to nest on and under roofs? If you are planning to renovate your window frame or roof, it is therefore better to postpone the works until after the summer, ie after the end of the reproduction period (from April to July).

Attract insects to the garden

To welcome the swallow, promote biodiversity in your garden. Yes, this bird likes insects, such as mosquitoes and gnats. In addition, once the swallow gives birth to its young, it travels several kilometers in search of food. So why not make it easy for him? Moving on, here are 8 insects to urgently welcome to your garden.

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Now you know how to welcome and protect the swallow in the garden. Did you like this article? Here’s how to welcome the melodious linnet, this bird in decline.

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