Willy Schraen can hunt at home with this water pistol offered by Peta

Friday 6 May Willy Schraen was a guest at the channel LCP† His comments about animal welfare were shocking, as were those about stray bullets: he urged walkers to stay at home, he minimized hunting deaths,” less than one person per year Which sparks controversy. Luckily, animal rights NGO PETA got creative: To quell the controversy, they donated from a water pistol to the President of the National Federation of Hunters

“Nature is not for everyone”

On the set of the show Politicians, at the table! by LCPWilly Schraen did not hesitate to set foot in the dish: he remembered that nature is not for everyone. Indeed, in France 85% of the territory is private. The president of the Hunting Federation took advantage of this argument about hunting accidents, encouraging hikers to stay at home, thus suggesting that they were the first culprits.

ConsoGlobe tells us that he would also have given his version of animal welfare, implying that wild animals have no feelings. Which causes controversy on social networks.

The solution: a brand new spray gun

It was enough to think about it. To today to extinguish the controversy », PETA France (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sent a water pistol to Willy Schraen: the « perfect solution to all world okay “they indicated in the email that came with this gift.

A letter in the second degree that humorously reveals the motives of the sender. The President of the National Federation of Hunters is invited to ” hunting in his garden “, so that ” the lost droplets “serve” to water your garden, not to shorten lives.

The NGO admits that nature does not belong to everyone and affirms that it is primarily owned by wildlife, whose habitat it is. Before suggesting:

Instead of chasing a terrified animal, why not chase your wife, your children, or even your neighbors with a jet of water, if they want to participate in the game, and let the animals have long happy days?

Peta in her letter to Willy Schraen

Willy Schraen be tempted? Case follows.

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