When Maurice, an organic pioneer, was awarded the Medal of Agricultural Merit at the age of 94

Two years ago, Maurice, 94, an organic pioneer in Haute-Vienne, was awarded the Medal of Agricultural Merit to crown his career and his dedication to the land. Raw went to meet him during this ceremony full of emotion and full of meaning.

“I have been working without chemicals for over 50 years. To me farming is an art and the arts require work!”explains without complicated the one who devoted his life to the living.

In 1966 Maurice’s approach was perceived as marginal. Finally, with this award, all his work and his commitment to organic products has been rewarded.

At the age of 94, the pioneer of organic Mauritius receives the Medal of Agricultural Merit

“You understood it before anyone else…” Maurice was seen as an outcast when he started organic farming in 1966. Time proved him right. At the age of 94, while still working, he has just received the medal of the Order of Agricultural Merit. Raw was there.

Posted by Brut on Monday 11 July 2022

“This award honors your commitment to the rural world, protecting biodiversity and defending healthy and sustainable food. To the skeptics you could brilliantly answer that being green was a real thing, not a plague, but a jewel. You are our pioneer. You have understood like everyone else that there is no point in chasing money, it is all about a good diet.

Marie-Ange Magne, outgoing Member of Parliament for the third constituency of Haute-Vienne

The video made by Raw was seen by 8 million people. This clearly shows the interest of the new generation in organic farming. Today Maurice is looking for a buyer for his farm. A person who would share his love for the country and a job well done…

On good terms!

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