Accommodation, itinerary, visits: this platform helps cycling tourists organize their holidays

Hexplo is a brand new online platform that allows you to organize personalized trips and bike tours, choosing your own route, accommodation and different points of interest. The service is meant to be participative and the more members it has, the more tips and shared spots there will be.

For 30 euros per year, Hexplo users can prepare their walks in peace and take advantage of the advice of other members of the community. Launched last spring, the platform aims to help cycling tourists by centralizing the organization of their various trips on one site.

With Hexplo, cyclists can thus create their personalized routes, using the extensive data provided, from the network of cycle routes to the various cycle paths and cycle routes. To get from one point to another, it is possible to choose your route and adapt it to the length or the difficulty.

Users of the platform also have the opportunity to search for accommodation solutions along their route and discover different points of interest there, which they can save so that they do not forget to stop by. Even the best bivouacs are listed there. Finally, each trip can be saved and the GPS data can be exported.

Finally, the platform also allows you to organize your journey to the starting point of your walk, but also from the arrival, indicating each time the means of transport available in the area (buses, coaches, trains, etc.).

By making life easier for cyclists, Hexplo wants to contribute on its own scale to the development of cycling in France. This platform is still in its infancy and therefore needs to gain more users in order to refine its recommendations over time.

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