Fight the heat wave with meditation: 3 guided exercises to regain some freshness

While the heat is pouring in all over France, tips and tricks to cool your interior are pouring in. What if you tried to refresh yourself directly through thoughts? This is what these few videos of self-hypnosis or special heat wave meditation offer you. Let thoughts lead you to shady lands where freshness reigns day and night. An equally surprising and effective remedy to regain well-being and serenity in periods of high heat.

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Freshness – special heat wave meditation

Are you sweating and struggling to keep a cool head? Close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the voice of sophrologist Stéphanie Warot. In thirteen minutes, this soberly titled video the freshness, invites you to give your feeling a new direction and let yourself be overwhelmed by the freshness. This meditation will help you take stock of your feelings (shortness of breath, swollen legs, rough skin). Then, thanks to the body scan technique, the exercise leads to your body being aerated and refreshed from head to toe. An ideal sensory experience during a heat wave.

Self-hypnosis to withstand high temperatures

In addition to guided meditation videos, YouTube is full of self-hypnosis content. Again, the goal is to use your unconscious to generate positive feelings that will help you combat the feeling of oppression and confinement often caused by the heat wave. It all starts with an exercise in relaxation of body and mind before the freshness gently penetrates into every cell of the body, every corner of the mind… A good way to lower the temperature and regain well-being and serenity.

For a light night’s sleep during a heat wave

On Youtube, hypnotherapist Benjamin Lubszynski shares dozens of videos to combat stress, anxiety or insomnia. Here the specialist offers a special heat wave session to sleep despite the heat. Thanks to the breath, this self-hypnosis invites us to breathe a breath of fresh air throughout your being to find the peace and well-being essential for a good night’s sleep.

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