What is streak running, the practice of running every day?

Physical activity doesn’t always have to be just about performance. This is why streak running offers its practitioners the opportunity to run a minimum of 1.61 kilometers each day. The goal: to include running in his daily routine.

Running and forgetting achievements. This is the goal of “streak running”, this discipline that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The concept is simple. Run a small distance every day, at least 1.61 kilometers (the equivalent of one mile). “Racing can be on the road, on a track, over hills and valleys or on a treadmillspecifies the Streak Runners International.

Literally translated as “series of runs,” this exercise aims to make jogging a part of the daily routine. It can be for a specific period, for example a week or a month. As with all sports, it can make you want to challenge yourself and repeat this activity for as long as possible. In the United States, former athlete Hellah Sidibe has been running daily since May 2017, reports the New York Timespassed on by the International mail.

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If no scientific research has been done on the “Streak Runnig”, the benefits of sports are obvious. Practitioners notice a better quality of sleep, a strengthened immune system or a sense of well-being from the endorphins secreted during physical activity. In addition, practicing daily exercise helps to have a balanced diet.

These series activities should be adapted to the runner’s level. Setting goals that are too high can be discouraging or even cause injury. Listening to your body remains essential. Do not hesitate to rest in case of pain, low morale.

This serial sports system, by limiting performance, becomes more democratic, to the point that the “RED January” challenge was born in the United States. The target? Move a little each day to beat the winter blues. In this game there is no predefined discipline. Running, swimming, fitness… all physical activities are good for taking care of yourself.

So ? Ready to try the experience?

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