Positive Planet reveals its ranking of the 35 responsible and inspiring leaders under 35

The Positive Planet collective, founded by Jacques Attali, has compiled its ranking of the 35 responsible and inspiring leaders among the 35. Goal : to honor those who make the world a fairer, more united and more sustainable place for generations to come”can we read? Les Echos Start.

“From the inclusion of refugees to charity games and media education in working-class neighborhoods, these positive leaders are carrying out causes or projects that have captured the attention of a jury of experts working in the SSE, media and entrepreneurship,” we can read in the press release devoted to this operation. “Positive leaders were selected based on criteria that assessed their ability to inspire, unite and carry out concrete actions in their daily lives. »

Among the featured personalities we find in the top 10:

  • Anthony BabkinCEO and co-founder of Diversidays, an association that promotes equal opportunities in the digital professions.
  • Alice Beardco-founder and president of the Academy of Future Leaders and co-founder of the NGO Singa.
  • Donia Souad Amamraco-founder of Meet My Mama, an SSE company that aims to reveal the culinary talents of women from immigrant backgrounds.
  • Ines SeddikicGhett’up, a network of young change agents who work to improve the image of neighbourhoods.
  • Maimonatou Marco-founder of Gribouilli, a professional childcare association in Île-de-France.
  • Sarah Zouakdocumentary filmmaker, social entrepreneur, activist and founder of lallaba feminist and anti-racist association that aims to make the voices heard and defend the rights of Muslim women.
  • Yann Lotodefounder of La Cravate Solidaire, an association for the professional integration of precarious people.
  • Lucia Baschofounder of Too Good To Go, an application that combats food waste.
  • Lea Moukanasfounder of Aïda, an association that aims to improve the lives of patients in hospitals.
  • Julie Chaponco-founder of Yuka, an application that assesses the quality of many foods and cosmetic products.

Also note the presence, in this ranking, of the journalist Hugo Clément, at the head of the program today On the front sideabout France 5 and author of the book How I Stopped Eating Animals. or even from Thibaud Hug de Larauze, co-founder of Back Market, an SSE company specializing in the overhaul of electronic devices, estimated to be worth more than 5 billion euros.

The entire ranking can be found on the website of the Echoes begin.

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