In Marseille, a gastronomic restaurant serves meals from one euro to the poor

On Tuesday 1 February, a unique restaurant opened its doors in Marseille. “Le République” is an establishment “for all”, where the guests eat the same dishes but do not share the same bill. The menu is at a “symbolic” euro for those in need. Led by chef Sébastien Richard, this project is a first in France.

The Republic has established its quarters at Place Sadi-Carnot (2nd arrondissement), not far from the old port of Marseille. This bistronomic restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine, using local and seasonal products. But what makes it different is the solidarity project. Star chef Sébastien Richard came up with the idea of ​​opening a restaurant “for everyone”, in collaboration with the association La Petite Lili of which he is president, reports France 3. “We are a restaurant, we are not a solidarity canteen, immediately Sébastien Richard specifies with the local station. The idea is to be able to mix people in the same room and at the same time without any difference.”

A restaurant that wants to “mix classes”

Specifically, this restaurant offers its guests to eat the same dishes and receive the same service, without paying the same price. Poor people referred by partner associations receive a supplement of one euro, while others pay the usual price, which is 22 euros for a full menu (starter, main course, dessert). Thus, the establishment hopes to welcome those who cannot afford a meal at the restaurant, as well as those who can. Goal : “mix lessons”says Sébastien Richard to France 3.

The République has 240 seats, evenly distributed over the interior and the terrace. Half is reserved for the beneficiaries of associations at each service, afternoon and evening. In addition, the restaurant employs twelve people in professional integration, indicates France 3.

A unique solidarity project, which carries the values ​​of generous and inclusive gastronomy.

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