VIDEO. “You screw up, you pick up”: Faced with wild deposits, this mayor responds with violence

Faced with the illegal dumping of waste, returning it to the sender has almost become a classic, but it still has little effect. Example in Saint-Père-sur-Loire (Loiret) where the mayor of the city is responsible for returning a whole mountain of waste to the owner. How ? By throwing them over the fence that surrounded a neat garden. Very easy.

The information was passed on June 30 through an article published in The Republic of the Center† Patrick Foulon, mayor of Saint-Père-sur-Loire, is tired of fighting day in and day out against illegal depositions that harm his city. This mission alone would require two agents to traverse and complete the city three times a week “the equivalent of a dump truck” every month.

On the occasion of the occasion, the chosen one also decided to perform. France 3 narrate: “After finding the identity of the person who threw them into the wild, a resident of a neighboring town, among a pile of garbage, Patrick Foulon went to throw the dozens of garbage bags in the perpetrator’s yard.

And because it was necessary to impress, the scene was filmed. To look :

Patrick Foulon is fed up:

“That is no longer possible. It must stop. It’s going to be hell. Our municipalities are not garbage cans”

The offender was fined 135 euros, but the mayor would like to continue:

“I’d be in favor of taking people into town for three or four days or even longer and then letting them clean up other people’s trash for once. They would see what it is and it would free up city workers to do other things.”

Incivism sometimes requires a little rigor… and imagination.

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