Vegetable garden: against pesticides, the city of Caen offers free ladybugs to its inhabitants

Since it is necessary to find alternatives to pesticides, this is a very natural and ecological one: in Caen, the city distributes free ladybugs to the inhabitants. Spotlight on an original and innovative initiative.

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Ladybugs destroy and repel insects that affect fruits, flowers and vegetables. At a certain stage of development, accurate The world, they can swallow between 60 and 100 aphids per day. Suffice it to say that they are a strong ally for the organic gardener, both amateur and professional.

For this reason (and because it is better to encourage natural methods rather than chemical products), the city of Caen has decided, as the site indicates Actu.frto organize distributions of “egg-laying beneficial insects

“These distributions are free and open to all gardeners who already have aphids on their plants to feed the larvae as they hatch from the eggs.”

If you are interested in the 2022 operation, please note that the last distribution will take place on Friday, July 8 from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm at the Jardin des Plantes in Caen.

Some tips :

  • Choose a plant with a good colony of aphids (make sure there are no ants)
  • Take a strip without touching the eggs and place it under a leaf, as close to the aphids as possible
  • Secure the tab with a paper clip, clothespin, staple, etc.
  • The eggs turn black when the larvae are ready to hatch
  • When these auxiliaries have gone hunting, the eggs will be white, the tab can be removed.

To enjoy nature, man should not fight against nature. He has to work with her. The Caen initiative is a good example.

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