Do you welcome Ukrainian refugees? You can benefit from support from 150 to 200 euros.

Have you generously decided to contact a Ukrainian or Ukrainian refugee? To help you who are fleeing the war, financial aid will be offered soon. Light on this welcome initiative.

Since Thursday, February 24, 2022, the date of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, 100,000 people have been sheltered in France. Families, single mothers, children or even couples fleeing the bombings. Thanks to the generosity of many French men and women, these refugees now have a home and daily support.

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But housing a single person, a couple or a family for several months costs money. This is why the Prefect Joseph Zimet, who heads the Interministerial Crisis Unit (CIC) for the reception of people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, decided to support these houses financially with a big heart.

“This creates a financial burden and can lead to a form of fatigue.”

Joseph Zimet, quoted by The world

For a number of months a compensation of 150 to 200 euros will be allocated to French individuals who receive Ukrainian men and women in their home or apartment. Objective ? Limit the extra costs that the reception of these nationals entails. For the time being, the modalities for eligibility for this financial assistance have not yet been defined.

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