VIDEO. With her courier, this itinerant hairdresser restores social ties in the villages of the Ardèche

For six years, Isabelle travels the roads of the Ardèche aboard a somewhat unusual vehicle. And this both outside and inside. This hairdresser has indeed transformed a 1979 van into a real “hair truck”, as reported France Blue† Every week she goes to the villages of the southern Ardèche that do not have a hairdresser to offer her services and offer a unique moment to her customers.

With its vintage purple body, Isabelle’s van does not go unnoticed. Since 2017, this traveling hair salon has traveled to the heart of seven Ardèche villages to offer men’s and women’s haircuts. And if her looks are great, “Miss Retro” has everything of a “real” living room: armchair, mirror, sink … Isabelle has fully equipped her courier to better serve her customers. For electricity, it is connected to an outside socket of the municipal service, reports Francthe 3† And of course the vehicle has a water reserve to wash the hair of the regulars.

Hairdressing in big cities for almost twenty years, Isabelle wanted to offer a different concept. Aboard her van, she promises a unique and “intimate” to its customers, who can trade “freer” with her, she confides in her France Blue† Politics, news or denominations… the regulars like to talk about it “everything and nothing” at the hairdresser they have “learn”says one customer.

Another advantage for the inhabitants of these Ardèche villages: they no longer have to drive an hour to refresh their appearance. Isabelle even offers to go to the homes of people who are too old to move, reports France Blue† More than haircuts, “Miss Retro” literally offers local service.

Discover this unusual show and maker of social bonds by watching the report of France Blue

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