Presidential: the three essential actions of sustainability professionals

Almost a week before the first round of the presidential elections, those responsible for sustainable development in companies are calling on the future President of the French Republic to “the climate crisis and the preservation of life” a central theme. In a text published in the galleryFabrice Bonnifet, president of the professional network the College of Directors for Sustainable Development (C3D) details “to include three important measures in the programs urgently”

Security and employment are themes that are strongly present in the programs of presidential candidates. “And they’re right!”assures Fabrice Bonnifet, before however regretting the lack of ambition regarding the climate emergency.

“It is the responsibility of decision makers to tell the truth and prepare the population: yes, we need to change the way we produce value. We can no longer continue to value financial performance alone without objectively assessing the adverse effects of negative manufacturing-related externalities.”

Fabrice Bonnifet, President of the Board of Directors for Sustainable Development

To draw attention to the future head of the French state, the C3D therefore proposes three urgent measures to be taken during this new five-year term.

Imposing the introduction of a new accounting system

That said, the measurement seems a little obscure, but the C3D explains its vision. According to him, this new accounting system will “maximizing financial capital, taking into account the essential: preserving natural and human capital”

Reconfiguring business models

To develop this measure, the chairman of the C3D proposes: “a tax incentive” and “adapted regulations”† For him, he “it’s about discouraging the manufacture of something, if we haven’t dealt with the end-of-life of the products before”† In other words, companies should be obliged by the State to be part of a circular economy, leaving an important place for recycling and reuse.

“The community has long lost the resources to repair the inconsistencies of the dominant linear models, which consist in extracting more and more raw materials, manufacturing and selling products with short-lived lives, which end up as waste. often in nature.”

Fabrice Bonnifet, President of the Board of Directors for Sustainable Development

Invest in the renovation of homes and transport

This measurement is, according to Fabrice Bonnifet, “most important”† It’s up to him to invest in these two very energy-guzzling friends, but also to “to restore in France an industry of essentials (food, energy, etc.), based on sobriety and short circuit”† This measure would allow France to regain its autonomy while drastically reducing its carbon footprint.

In this forum, the chairman of C3D mainly insists on political responsibility for the French economy and the climate crisis. May the future tenant of the Élysée hear it… and corporate leaders now anticipate this change.

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