VIDEO. This is what was said at feminist rallies in 1973

Single-sex gatherings are often discussed. However, they are not new. The proof with this 1973 INA archive video. We discover married women gathering to talk about women’s empowerment, birth control, abortion and financial independence. Proof that a long way has come in the field of women’s rights in fifty years.

“Why among women?” asks the journalist? “Because when the men are there, we don’t often speak!”, one of the participants responds without hesitation. A year before the legalization of abortion, women gathered in Saint-Chamond in the Loire to talk about feminism.

They then dream of free and free access to abortion, of contraception for men… and even envision an armed revolution by women to overthrow the patriarchy. An uplifting video revealed by the INA that testifies to a not-so-distant era.

Welcome to a Feminist Gathering Banned from Men – 1973

MEETING FOR MEN PROHIBITED. 1973. Married women meet without their husbands to talk about contraception, abortion, financial independence, in short, feminism. They explain why they prefer to meet without a man and one of them, disenchanted with politics, even believes in an armed revolution.

Posted by INA on Thursday, March 31, 2022

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