VIDEO. Ukraine: on the forecourt of the Lviv station, she plays “What a wonderful world” on the piano

A woman welcomed Ukrainian and Ukrainian refugees from Kiev to Lviv by playing the piano for them. A symbolic gesture immortalized in video.

When thousands of people arrived at Lviv station, on the Polish border in Ukraine, a woman played the notes of Louis Armstrong’s magnificent piece in the station forecourt: What a wonderful world† A beautiful poetic and artistic focus to enlighten the minds of these men, women, children and even animals who took the road by rail to flee the capital Kiev and the Russian military invasion orchestrated by Vladimir Putin on February 24th.

The scene was videotaped on Saturday 5 March and was passed on by the Huffpost, the next day. As the piano chords resounded, newcomers could also warm up and take away hot meals served by volunteers.

According to UN figures, 1.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the start of the war.

Watch the video of HuffPost

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