War in Ukraine: At age 11, he fled his country alone and arrived in Slovakia

With plastic bag in hand, this young Ukrainian traveled miles by train to reach the Slovakian border and find shelter. A brave journey for this little hero, only eleven years old.

He was the only one to flee his country at war because his mother had to stay in Ukraine to take care of his own disabled mother. When Russian troops invaded the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, a stone’s throw from his home, the boy immediately set out to escape the bombing. Hat on his head and plastic bag in hand, he jumped on the first train that reached Slovakia. His passport was in his modest luggage.

Upon his arrival, the young hero was taken care of by Slovak volunteers. His mother could be reached at the phone number she had carefully written on her child’s hand. A huge relief, she says on social networks:

“I am very grateful that my child’s life was saved. In your small country there are people with big hearts. †

The boy’s mother, quoted by European 1

The boy was picked up by Slovak relatives and then taken to Bratislava. He will remain there for as long as necessary while awaiting the end of the fighting.

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