VIDEO. The watered sprinkler: this is how Aline Dessine trolls her stalkers on social networks

Aline Dessine has her own technique for responding to the inappropriate comments she is the victim of on social networks.

In order to no longer suffer from the online harassment of which she is the victim, Aline Dessine has decided to make it… humor. On TikTok, where the young woman is followed by more than a million people, Aline shares messages she received in her private messaging service and to which she responded absurdly.

In a video for Raw, Aline explains why creating this content is a way for her to protect herself from the violence of social networks and also tells backstage of a video that has gone viral: the one in which she responds to a user who threatened her with rape . In her message, Aline calls her by her first name, gives her the name of her school, and explains that she will call her so she can warn her parents about her inappropriate behavior. Aline tells Raw how she managed to find all this information and why in some cases she decides to let the family know about people who send her these kinds of messages.

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She trolls bullies: Aline Dessine tells

The stalkers on social networks, Aline decided to humor them instead of suffering them. Before Brut, Mina Soundiram met her.

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