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VIDEO. Ukraine: After her coup, Russian journalist Marina Ovsiannikova insists and signs

Since March 14, Marina Ovsiannikova has been admired around the world for defying Kremlin censorship during a newscast. She faces up to 15 years in prison for this brave and pacifist action. But the Russian journalist doesn’t seem to want to stop there and is determined to expose the truth…

Despite the severe punishment she risks, Marina Ovsiannikova again against “Vladimir Putin’s War”† A week after her speech was praised around the world, the journalist spoke out. Interviewed by George Stephanopoulos, star host of the American channel ABCshe called on her fellow citizens to denounce the Russian offensive.

She asks the Russians “have a critical opinion and analyze the information presented to them”† A call to spread the truth that threatens to cause another stir in Russia. Watch (a signed video ABC news

—George Stephanopoulos: “What is your message to President Putin? What is your message to the West?”

– Marina Ovsiannikova: “I wanted to show the world that not everyone in Russia believes the same and I think a lot of people are… against the war. […] The Russian people are really against the war, it is Putin’s war, not the war of the Russian people. […] Times are very dark and very difficult, and anyone who has a societal opinion, and wants to express it, must make their voices heard. It’s very important.”

To date, more than 15,000 people have been arrested in Russia for protesting the war in Ukraine.

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