Romania: At the border with Ukraine, a toy bridge welcomes refugee children

Toys to make people forget the trauma of war. This is the initiative of the local population of Sighetu Marmatiei, a Romanian town located on the border with Ukraine.

On a wooden bridge over the river Tisza, which separates the two countries, toys and stuffed animals were placed there by “ordinary people, border guards and volunteers”. Objective: To ensure that “children coming from Ukraine can bring a stuffed toy” when entering Romania, the Sighetu Marmatiei Border Police explained in a text published on Facebook and passed on by Romania Insider

1.5 million refugee children

This historic bridge is one of the three border points of Sighetu Marmatiei through which Ukrainian refugees flee, fleeing the invasion of the Russian army. More than 1.5 million children have already left their country, according to UNICEF. The inhabitants of this Romanian city just want to help them in this humanitarian crisis.

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