This coalition, launched by everyone, wants to find jobs for 10,000 refugees

Do you want to get involved in the Ukrainian crisis, but don’t know how? You can now join the “Everyone for Tomorrow” coalition launched by Each One, in partnership with the consultancy Bonston Consulting Group (BCG).

The mission of this coalition, established at the beginning of March 2022: “bringing together large companies that want to invest sustainably in the recruitment of refugees”, explains the mission-driven company in a press release. With the aim of, “enabling the return to sustainable employment of 10,000 refugees over the next two years”And this “wherever they come from”specifies the company on its site.

“If the priority is the humanitarian emergency, it is important to think about the aftermath: the time of integration or residence in the host countriesIt is the raison d’être of each of One to give companies the means to meet this challenge in a positive and sustainable way, now and in the future. †

Théo Scrubla, CEO of Each One

Specifically, the coalition relies on the European Union’s system of “temporary protection”. The latter allows people who have fled Ukraine and entered an EU territory to facilitate the border crossing, but also access to housing and, of course, to work, the workhorse of each of them, who has been working for 4 years on the integration of refugees through means of work.

French and European companies are expected to join this movement. They can act in 3 ways:

  • commit to opening a minimum number of positions for refugees in the next 2 years,
  • widely spreading a message of inclusion to initiate a lasting change of vision in society,
  • reflect and contribute with everyone to the actions and commitments that need to be carried out to create a virtuous impulse to work.

It is your turn !

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