VIDEO. This organic tofu from Touraine is made according to a traditional Chinese recipe

Flagship ingredient of Asian cuisine, tofu is more shunned in France. However, this soy milk preparation is rich in protein and can be cooked in many ways. Yaming Cui, based in Touraine, has risen to the challenge of getting the locals to enjoy this food. It started with the production of organic and artisanal tofu, according to traditional Chinese recipe. Plain, flavored or even smoked…the products are already successful and run the risk of forgetting all your preconceptions about tofu.

Yaming Cui moved to France in 2018 and soon noticed that tofu “didn’t have a good reputation”, as she tells it at the microphone of France Bleu. Determined to restore the image of this food of Asian origin, the young woman opened her own production laboratory in Nouzilly, in Touraine. She makes organic tofu in a traditional way with the aim of producing tasty and high-quality food. For this, Yaming Cui uses organic and local ingredients: the salt comes from the Vendée and the soybeans come from a local organic grain farm. Only the spices and nigari (magnesium chloride) are not locally produced, but are essential for making tofu.

Each stage of production is carefully controlled by Yaming Cui. The soybeans are first ground by going through a machine twice. The “milk” that comes out is boiled to remove substances “which interfere with digestion”, the young woman explains to France Bleu. The nigari is then added to the milk to curdle, following the traditional Chinese method. Then the curd is filtered and pressed into a mold before being cut into individual portions. The last step is cooling and packaging the product.

Yaming Cui markets regular, smoked or flavored tofu under the brand “Le Chat des Champs” and its production is short-circuited. “Tofu contains a lot of plant-based protein, it’s the equivalent of eggs, meat or cheese, so nutritionally it’s interesting”, says Yamang Cui. If it can repel some and some because of its texture and supposed lack of flavor, the producer reassures: “It’s an ingredient that gets flavored during cooking”supports Yaming Cui, who recommends cooking it in stock or in a pan.

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Real Chinese artisanal tofu made in Touraine

In Touraine, Yaming makes organic artisanal tofu according to a traditional Chinese recipe.

Posted by France Bleu on Wednesday 23 February 2022

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