Profiles with green skills are becoming scarce: how are companies dealing with them?

A new report on green skills in the global labor market predicts a shortage of qualified “talent”. The demand for employees is growing faster than the profiles for these positions and are for traditional positions.

According to a global report on green jobs published by LinkedIn, the demand for workers with environmental skills is expected to soon exceed the market supply. After analyzing thousands of data from social network profiles, the report’s authors say hiring green jobs is insufficient.

Indeed, the share of jobs in the market has increased by 8% annually over the past five years and the curve of workers with the skills “vegetable” hardly follows. In the same period, the “talent” increased by 6%.

Faced with this problem, more traditional sectors will be affected by the lack of profiles, the report suggests. Examples such as the sales, engineering or public affairs sector. According to the study, the potential to increase skills by promoting green or greening jobs represents 40% of existing jobs.

“Keep up to date with changes in your industry”

They also offer several ways to “Act” against this shortage of green employees. Politicians and governments must “dedicate yourself to green skills”it says in the study. Setting up the necessary training courses and bringing together the different players in the green economy.

Within companies, leaders and managers must invest to enable current and future employees to train and develop their skills in environmental issues.

In the continuity of training visible on LinkedIn’s social network, the report also recommends that employees “Keep up to date with changes in your industry […] as well as the skills and training you need to be competitive in the future”

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