VIDEO. When cyberbullying takes over the streets: a powerful social experience

And you, how would you react if you witnessed a verbal assault on the street? Have you tolerated it as is often the case on social networks today? The media Simone conducted the experiment in a hidden camera.

Verbal abuse has become commonplace on the internet. Insults, insults, threats… violent comments are linked on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even TikTok. This plague 2.0 is called cyberbullying. In 2019, more than 40% of people under 50 have already experienced repeated verbal attacks on social networks, including 22% of young people aged 18 to 24. [1] Alarming numbers that show how much awareness is needed.

To combat this scourge, the media have Simone decided to lock up a dozen people on the street. The idea? Offending a woman for free by repeating word for word the comments she receives every day on social networks. In the hidden camera, fake stalkers and bullies (played by actresses and comedians) and a real victim (a comedian) lent themselves to the game. Pay attention to the reaction of passers-by.

Look :

If passers-by have responded to this social experience in the best possible way, few people on social networks dare to defend the victims of cyberbullying. Yet the consequences of this form of digital violence can be just as serious as in ‘real’ bullying situations.

A powerful and educational social experience†

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