VIDEO. This amazing house sculpted by the orbits of the sun needs no heating

A diamond emerging from the ground, a flying saucer, a spinning top… The facade of this house has everything that is most amazing and everyone will see there the object that makes them dream most… With his Heliodome, Eric Wasser proves that the architecture and the careful choice of materials have a huge impact on energy consumption. Here it is 20 degrees all year round, without heating!

You have to go to the small village of Cosswiller, in Alsace, to admire the house of Eric Wasser, the dreamy architect behind this amazing vessel of glass and wood. Called Heliodome, the building is sculpted by the orbits of the sun. As a result, in summer the curvature of the sun does not exceed the upper edge of the house and plunges the house into a soothing shade, and in winter the opposite is the case. The sun shines directly on the bay windows, heating the interior naturally.

So no heating here. However, there is a permanent temperature of about twenty degrees. Thanks to its architectural features, the Heliodome consumes 80% less energy than an average house. An energy efficiency that gave the maker to win the Lépine competition in 2003. Since then, the architect has built a dozen houses of this type in France, Switzerland and Germany.

Raw went to meet this brilliant builder. In this video he takes you inside his Heliodome.

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It is a house that looks like a flying saucer and in which the average temperature is 20 degrees all year round without energy consumption. It is the creation of Eric Wasser. He called it the Heliodome and it enabled him to win the Lépine competition in 2003. Brut visited it, at that time in Cosswiller in Alsace…

Posted by Brut on Monday 25 July 2022

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