Instead of throwing out your leftovers, check out these 4 anti-waste tips that have gone viral on TikTok

We promise you, this is not a magic trick or fake news! There are indeed tips for recycling leftover food into a new dish, if not a little treat without even spending hours in the kitchen. Here are four ideas that are as surprising as they are successful!

An infusion… with cherry stems

The trick is TooGoodToGo, the app that collects unsold items to sell at discount prices in baskets near your home. Wash the cherry stems and dip them in a pan of water. It’s ready when everything boils. Drink with a little honey. We will note another interesting trick in the comments of this recipe: swap the cherry pits for the ceramic balls, which we put in a pie shell, so that it does not swell during cooking.

Use the remains of a stale Coke to make a granita

Very often it is advisable to use the remains of a Coca-Cola to brine a pan in which too much dirt has caked. We recommend that you consume it, this bottom of the bottle! On TikTok we found a trick that consists of putting it in the freezer for 3h15 (yes that’s exactly!). You turn the bottle upside down and you get a kind of refreshing porridge. Across the Atlantic, it’s called a slushie, which is usually made with fruit, water, sugar, and ice. It is a kind of granita, but more compact.

Pizza that becomes… a panini

Sometimes we forget that a slice of pizza spoils in the fridge. It must be said that there is rarely enough left over to put together a complete meal. It was enough to think about it: by staying in the Italian register, you can turn a slice of pizza into a panini! You’ll need to cut the scraps in half to layer each piece, with the filling inside. Brush with butter and place under a grill (or in a sandwich maker).

Immature fries… in waffles

We’ve all already found ourselves with chips on the arm, failing to judge the exact portion per person. Get out the waffle iron! Grease the plates. Heat and arrange the fries immediately. Sprinkle with cheese and any ingredients that make you happy (or any leftovers from the fridge that lend themselves to it). Result: the fries find a new youth and take the form of a very crispy waffle!

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