Charente-Maritime: more than 800 trees are planted on a 1 hectare plot

A new “biodiversity zone” will see the light of day in Charente-Maritime, in the city of Landrais. Baptiste Trény, founder of the company Créateur de forÃt, announced on the Parisian have raised almost EUR 50,000 (excluding taxes) in less than six months. The latter will therefore be able to plant 834 trees of 36 different species, all spread over a one hectare wasteland, entrusted to it by the municipality of this small village of 730 inhabitants.

“Thirty-four companies and about 60 people have financed the future plantations for the coming winterâ€said Baptiste Trény to Parisian. Ultimately, this natural forest will be protected for the next 99 years thanks to a true environmental commitment (ORE).

The OREs are a new legal instrument “allowing landowners to create lasting obligations to protect the environment on their land,” as specified on the Department of Energy’s website.

Christelle Grasso, Mayor of Landrais, stated daily for her part: “I am very pleased with this assessment and the participatory and democratic momentum. This project will be truly collective and will involve schools and an agricultural school for the plantations. It makes me want to plant trees everywhere, which we will do where we can.”.

At a time when our forests are on fire, it is high time to follow suit and intelligently rethink our spaces dedicated to biodiversity.

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