VIDEO. These farm animals wake up and calm children with disabilities

The benefits of animal mediation are multiple. Long underestimated in France, this practice is now commonly used in health facilities. Pascale, a teacher, decided to go even further by offering sessions to children with disabilities. Light on this wonderful initiative.

Reducing stress and anxiety, developing autonomy and responsibility, increasing self-confidence… These are among the many benefits of animal mediation, which are very useful for children with disabilities, autism, poly-disabled people, dyslexic or diphasic. And Pascale understood that quickly.

To wake up children with disabilities or in difficulty, this teacher offers fun and educational sessions in the company of farm animals. Cuddling a donkey, feeding a rabbit, petting a goat… These are the activities in which young Ydriss, with an intellectual disability, participates every week. And the results are excellent.

“The animal will immediately understand how the person feels about him. When I go to work, I will really see my animal’s behavior that will change and that will be the mirror of the person’s behavior.

Pascale, interviewed by Vews – RTBF

Watch (a video from RTBF):

Ydriss and Pascale, balance thanks to animals

Pascale is a teacher and works in animal mediation. Thanks to her and the animals of Z’ânitude. Pascale Tombal-Belche, Ydriss can calm down and gain autonomy. We had a session with them.

Posted by Vews – RTBF on Thursday 7 April 2022


“Parents who come to me are often for hyperactive children […] who have lost their foothold in society. Thanks to the animal, we prefer to bring them back to their feelings, to their emotions that are often completely forgotten.”

“What I would like is for people to realize how important animals are in our lives. Don’t mistreat them, we need them to live in harmony with nature, in harmony with society. Every animal brings us something.”

Sessions rich in lessons.

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