Do you want to learn sign language? This new Snapchat filter can help.

Snapchat never stops releasing new lenses, these animated augmented reality filters. But this time, the social network has decided to use them for a good cause, launching a filter dedicated to sign language. Goal: To encourage social network users to learn American Sign Language through small fun activities.

This new experience was led entirely by deaf and hard of hearing members of Snap, in partnership with start-up SignAll. For example, the Lens in question learns to spell its name and practice sign language through relatively simple and instinctive games.

SignAll’s technology makes it possible to recognize the correct characters by hand and aid in learning this very special language. However, at the moment it only recognizes sign language in English. You should know that there are very big differences between sign languages, depending on the country and the languages ​​spoken. But it’s clear that the goal is to eventually bring as many people into the world as possible.

Snap had already opened up to this universe last year. In September, on the occasion of International Week of the Deaf, Snapchat offered new tools to show its users how to translate a few words into American Sign Language.

(ETX Daily Up)

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