Garden: 6 reasons to start a vegetable garden in squares to grow your own vegetables

Have you always dreamed of growing your own vegetables? Whether you have a large garden, a small terrace or even a balcony, you can get started in the art of the vegetable garden in squares. This technique makes it possible to grow several families of vegetables thanks to a roller system. During several seasons you can then harvest tomatoes, beans, aubergines, salads or even carrots, shallots or radishes… A variety of vegetables, ideal for composing tasty salads full of vitamins. Are you still in doubt about getting started with the vegetable garden on squares? Here are 6 reasons to finally convince you.

To grow your first vegetables

The vegetable garden is an ideal growing method for those new to gardening, especially since it only takes one patch to taste the fruits of your labor in just a few weeks.

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To make a small area profitable (and its time)

It is often thought that vegetable gardens are reserved for people with a large garden or space for growing vegetables and fruit. But the vegetable garden into squares redistributes these cards. If you have a single patio or small balcony that has enough sun exposure, you can also start this growing method. If the dimensions of the recommended squares are 120 centimeters by 120 centimeters, do not hesitate to adapt them to the available space. Those who say small area also say that they spend less time maintaining their vegetable garden. The opportunity to attend lectures or watch YouTube videos on the subject to gain as much knowledge as possible for your next sowing and next harvest!

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Cultivation on soil that is not suitable for cultivation

You have a spot in the sunny garden, but problem, it is not suitable for cultivation at all? Don’t panic, the vegetable garden in squares can actually allow you to avoid disappointment. Indeed, if your soil is too hard, for example, the vegetable garden in squares allows you to add a good layer of compost. So the vegetables will be able to root in this first layer before perhaps venturing deeper.

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To reduce back pain

Some people even prefer to install raised squares. The advantage of these squares? They ensure that you do not have to constantly bend over to grow vegetables and thereby avoid pain, especially in the back. Ideal for tall people, older people or just people who want to stand when gardening.

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Passing the love of gardening to the youngest

Thanks to its small area, its ease of maintenance and its very fast yield, the vegetable garden in squares is an ideal method of introducing children to gardening. However, make sure to have a smaller square than usual so that young gardeners and gardeners can easily reach the entire square.

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To have a smaller impact on the planet

The square vegetable garden falls under organic farming. Forget pesticides, of course, but also excessive watering. Thanks to this method and a few tips on good resource management (eg mulching, using compost and adding nettle fertilizer), you can enjoy your own vegetables while putting less strain on the planet. †

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