VIDEO. The children in this nursery evolve in a room without furniture or toys. And they love it.

Are you convinced that a child needs objects, toys and attention to have fun? This surprising and enriching experience proves otherwise. The workshops “Rien” come straight from Switzerland and show that boredom generates creativity, adaptation and cohesion within a group. Discovery.

How do children react when they are in an empty room? Can you imagine screaming, tears and a lot of stress? Think again, it’s the exact opposite. In Switzerland, “Nothing” workshops are offered to little girls and boys so that they learn from an early age to take time for themselves. And for the first time, a crèche in Liège (Belgium) has decided to take the plunge.

What does the “Nothing” workshops consist of?

The concept is simple: the nanny takes the children into an empty room and lets them do whatever they want. If he sees that the adult is not responding, the little girl or boy will begin to take an interest in what is around him.

“Children have fun together […] The absence of objects increases interactions and reduce conflict. Children no longer fight over games. In addition, there is the pleasure of being together, running together, and that is reflected in laughing. »

Cécile, early childhood professional, who has been practicing the “Rien” workshops for 10 years.

Watch an excerpt from the program “Everything is explained: take time for yourself” RTL TVI :

The “Nothing” workshop

Full of children, an empty room… What do you think it looks like? 👶 “Everything has been explained: take time for yourself” it’s Thursday at 19:50 on RTL TVI

Posted by RTL TVI on Wednesday 26 January 2022

These “Nothing” workshops are all the more important in a society where children are overstimulated by games and screens. They help stimulate the creativity of young participants and help them develop new skills.

This unusual and enriching experience has been performed in Switzerland for almost ten years and the least we can say is that the kids love it. You just have to watch them have fun during the break or in the middle of the woods…

Fun workshops that deserve to be tried in France.

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