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VIDEO. To protect the hedgehogs from the cold, she turned her garden into a sanctuary

Hedgehogs are vulnerable animals. To help them, Delphine Laudier transformed her garden into a haven for these small, spiny-haired mammals 3 years ago. “It is useful to care for hedgehogs because it is an endangered species, an endangered species”, explains the hedgehog treat in a video made by West France.

Protecting hedgehogs is also important for gardeners. “It really helps gardeners to maintain their garden without pesticides, without products. Because it will eat all the pests. It eats your snails, snails, etc. and without harming your plants », adds the good fairy of these animals who has invested in a hunting camera to observe his protégés at night.

If you are one of those who have seen a hedgehog in your garden during the winter, Delphine Laudier reminds us that this is not normal, because the animal ” in emergency “. If you don’t think it’s very big, you can weigh it, advises the specialist. “If he weighs less than 600 grams, he will be condemned, he is in grave danger.” To help him, it is necessary to make a few small gestures that can save his life:

  • Place the animal in a box and heat it with a hot water bottle.
  • Provide a dietary supplement such as poultry, turkey or chicken kibble.
  • Bring a small water point with you for frequent changes.

Final advice from the expert: disturb these animals as little as possible.

Watch the video of West France :

She spoils the hedgehogs in winter 🦔

She spoils the hedgehogs in winter 🦔 Since 3 years and the arrival of a hedgehog that takes up residence in her garden, Delphine has made it her mission to help them through the winter. She has decorated her exterior in such a way that it is an oasis of peace for small animals ❤️

Posted by Ouest France on Monday 31 January 2022

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