This 3D-printed nest-shaped house takes only 200 hours to build

Can this innovation solve the housing crisis? In any case, this is what the designers of TECLA (for “technology and clay” in French) think, this original house, made of renewable materials: terracotta and wood, clay, from the local environment.

The nest-like structure is inspired by the habitat of the potter wasp. This 60 square meter eco-designed habitat, printed in 3D, was built in just 200 hours. This innovation is the result of the work of Massimo Moretti, founder of WASP, an Italian company specializing in 3D printing of terracotta, and Mario Cucinella, Italian architect.

Located in Massa Lomborda, a town east of Bologna, Italy, the house offers ideal comfort while providing an ecological and responsible alternative to residential construction.

Discover images of the construction of this first house on loop sider :

What if this house saved the world?

This house could end the global housing crisis, we explain why.

Posted by Loopsider on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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