VIDEO. Letter to PPDA: “Your long-held impunity will burst”

Twenty declared victims emerge from silence to accuse former star host of TF1 by harassment, assault or rape. To this day, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor continues to deny the alleged facts of which he is accused. At the microphone of France Inter, Anne-Cécile Mailfert, founding president of the “Women’s Foundation”, addressed in all subjectivity to the first person involved. Light on this strong and powerful speech.

Anne-Cécile Mailfert wages a costly struggle for equality by fighting violence and for women’s rights. This Friday, May 13, the feminist activist publicly responded after the testimonies of 20 women in the context of a judicial investigation against Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. Through a letter addressed to the former star of the news of 8 p.m., Anne-Cécile Mailfert conveys a message of hope on behalf of the declared victims.

“Justice recognizes in us a value from which you should never have turned: our invincible right to the truth.


“Dear PPDA, For thirty years you sat at the table with the French every night. During the meal we helped ourselves to soup and you served us the truth. What you said existed. What you hid didn’t happen.”

“What an irony. You, who seemed to protect everything, starting with the recipe, had everything to escape a trial.

“Soon your confidence and its excesses, your long-held impunity will burst. You will soon discover a new truth: yes, women have the right to speak. […] In France, justice protects the right to speak, but is reluctant to convict for rape. Women don’t lie, but rapists don’t rape. For lack of anything better, we let go of the gag.”

“Dear PPDA, yesterday you told the story. Today they are the ones doing it. Admire them, these women who speak their truth, strong and united, admire this pride that is now on their side. They are right to believe it. You lost. For justice recognizes in us a value from which you should never have turned away: our invincible right to the truth.

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