Let’s turn off the air conditioning of the National Assembly!


Our deputies do not take the measure of the climate emergency and their immobility puts us at risk. Should we cut their heads off? No, it is probably enough to turn off the air conditioning. Thus, while working in the kiln, they will undoubtedly be fully and physically aware of climate change and, no doubt, in order to prevent their personal situation from deteriorating, they will be eager at last to take the necessary measures to prevent the warming of our earth counter planet.

Basically, the air conditioning works like a screen. It robs us of the sensations of reality and limits the haves that benefit from it in the illusion of a world where, in the end, at least in the present, everything isn’t so bad. And this illusion is poison. Because if the air conditioning does indeed provide freshness and comfort, it is not it that grows our carrots, our salads or the feed necessary for our steaks. In other words, air conditioning won’t save us: it’s a cache misery that puts you to sleep, makes you blind and dead. With no food on the plate, even the lucky air conditioning owners will end up refrigerated (cool) due to climate change.

Save our deputies, save our lives: before the next legislature, cut off the air conditioning of the National Assembly!

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