VIDEO. Instead of sending his father to an Ehpad, he installed him in his garden

Building a small studio in your garden is practical. It can be used to invite friends, you can set up your office there, or even, more and more, welcome your parents there instead of sending them to nursing homes. Example and explanation.

Patrick and Marie-Laure Chastenet had the choice: send their father (and stepfather) to a nursing home and spend €2,000 a month or have a small, comfortable and suitable studio built in their garden for €37,000. They chose this second solution and no one seems to regret it.

Firstly because the first person involved did not want to go to the nursing home, but also because the studio option brought the family closer together while preserving the independence of the person.

France 2 went there. Look :

Marie-Laure Chastenet:

“He didn’t want to go back to a retirement home or an apartment. The house was not suitable for so many people, we had to look for an alternative.”

Patrick Chastenet:

“He is at home as well as with us. He has his independence but if there is a problem there is only 5 meters to see him.

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A solution that has many advantages.

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