Throughout the week, the IPCC invites itself to 108 metro stations in Paris

Last week, 8 students from AgroParisTech called on the rest of their class to “leave” the agro-industry. The student collective “For an ecological awakening” is tackling the climate issue with a vigorous action this week: they will be displaying the IPCC in the metro all week. A QR code refers to a “takeaway” summary that summarizes the 10 main points of the latest report.

An official poster campaign

A month ago, the student collective” For an ecological awakening “posted a photo montage on LinkedIn that was going to make the buzz: we could see a giant poster in the Paris metro. Ironically, she took the language elements of the takeout giants and offered to consult a summary of the latest IPCC report, to consult “on the spot”” True “Take Away” with a QR code.

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In question ? There ” low coverage of the latest IPCC report from the conventional media† By throwing this bottle into the sea, the collective hoped “ turn the tide by mobilizing on social networks† It is finally in reality that this campaign has taken shape today: Mediatransports, which manages the advertisements in the Paris metro, has joined the idea. As part of the advertising agency’s CSR obligations, a free space was offered to the collective for a week.

Reach 5 million daily travelers

The advantage of this campaign is that it allows a wide audience: whether or not they are aware of environmental issues, passengers at 108 Paris stations will be exposed to the poster. One of the members of the collective, Lou Valide, explains for: Edition that it is a matter of tackling different segments of the populationand no longer to a community of believers on social networks.

“We communicate a lot through our social networks, especially LinkedIn, and we are aware that we are always reaching the same people. There you can address different population groups.

Lou Valid for Edition

République, Convention, Hôtel de Ville… The poster will be seen by no less than 5 million daily travelers. And it’s not over yet: if the campaign works well, the collective plans to expand it to other French cities.

Appropriating advertising space for ecological issues? You had to think about it for a while!

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