Invasion of ants in the house: how to get rid of it without insecticide?

Although ants are harmless, they can become invasive very quickly, especially when they invite themselves inside our home. Fortunately, there are simple, natural and highly effective solutions to limit the invasion. The proof with these six practical tips.

#1 Clean your house

You may not know it, but ants are attracted to food smells, especially when our food is outside. In fact, this is the main reason for their break into our house. So do the dishes quickly after eating and collect the leftovers in the fridge.

In addition, as remembered info houseconsider vacuuming often enough to remove crumbs that can attract pests.

#2 Diffuse essential oils

Here is an effective and natural method. By diffusing different oils in your home, you will purify the air and deter those little unwanted ones. Peppermint and lavender, which give off a powerful fragrance, are unbeatable in this regard.

However, be sure to use them in moderation, as these preparations are highly concentrated and can cause symptoms of intoxication if overdosed.

#3 Aromatic herbs plants

As you will have understood, ants do not like strong plant odors. So if you like to cook and change the flavors, you can plant mint, basil and other aromatic herbs on the windowsills. Their scents will repel pests in no time.

#4 Draw a “magic line”

Here is a method that does not lack originality and that has proven itself. Take a piece of chalk and draw a line on the floor, if your house has already been invaded, or on the windowsill for prevention. This barrier prevents ants from crossing the area on the other side of the line.

And to make sure the insects don’t come back, you can also take lemon peels. Yes, the acidity of this fruit is unbearable for ants.

#5 Use white vinegar and coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are widely used to repel various pests such as snails and snails in the vegetable garden, as well as flies and mosquitoes in the home. If you are invaded by ants, find the nest and sprinkle it with a layer of wet coffee grounds, as explained In the garden

Otherwise, a little white vinegar will suffice. To do this, spray a little on the places where insects come. Be careful not to drown them, but just to keep them away.

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#6 Ventilate your interior

Like many insects, ants don’t like the wind, especially flying ants. So don’t hesitate to open your doors and windows to ventilate your home as much as possible to tidy them up. And if there is a draft, even better.

Say stop to the war on ants thanks to these tips.

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