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VIDEO. “Darmanin, what he is looking for in life is not a journalist but a geisha”

Gérard Darmanin continues the controversies. After he was accused of abusing his dominant position to obtain sexual favours, the interior minister is being criticized today for his sexist comments towards journalist Apolline de Malherbe. Tanguy Pastureau delivers his analysis with his biting humor.

“Don’t be angry, calm down. No, but calm down ma’am, it will be fine.” Here is Gérard Darmanin’s sexist exit. Next Tuesday, February 8 on RMC and BFM TV, the politician lost his temper when Apolline de Malherbe questioned him about the record five-year term on security. According to her response, the interior minister did not appreciate the journalist’s public denunciation of the rising numbers of violence against people.

Gérard Darmanin first described the journalist’s presentation as “populist”, before telling her to “calm down”. A tense exchange that Tanguy Pastureau did not miss. Next Wednesday 9 February on France Inter, the comedian and radio columnist has deciphered this case. He describes why the interview went this way and especially why it probably would have turned out differently if Apolline had been a man.

Look :


“Darmanin fulminates, because politicians live in 2022, but in their minds we would always be in the time ofORTFwhile bearded journalists told them, ‘If I may say so, sir, with all due respect, you are so handsome and tall that I am sweating. †

“Calm down, you’ll be fine, it’s typical what you say to a woman because it’s assumed that the woman who is abusive is systematically furious […] There’s not that mutual respect of alpha males sniffing each other. †

“That’s politics, confrontation, verbal sparring, because if it was for comfort, Thumper the rabbit would make you work at Disney+. But no, the Malherbe, she’s a girl, she must be nice. Darmanin, he seeks in life not a journalist but a geisha.”

An honest and spicy chronicle that encourages reflection…

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