VIDEO. Brest: in this crèche the children sleep outside, even in winter

It is winter and you are afraid that your child will be too cold at night? In this nursery in Brest it is just the opposite! To make it easier for babies to fall asleep, the nap is taken outside. Light on this surprising concept that comes straight from the countries of the North.

Pajamas, a sleeping bag and a temperature set at 20°C. That’s it, your baby is ready for bed. But isn’t this heat too high? In Brest, the Jean de la Fontaine crèche is convinced of this: a child falls asleep better outside, whether it is raining, blowing or snowing. But don’t see any sign of abuse, it’s a Scandinavian tradition, adopted for over a century by the Swedish, Danish and Finnish peoples, which has already proven its worth.

“We have decided not to put the children to bed below 0°C and especially not above 25°C. It is even more the high temperatures that are a nuisance. »

Laurence Peiffer, director of Jean de la Fontaine’s nursery

This is why most babies from 2 to 18 months take their nap outside in this Brest nursery. This idea was born from a very simple observation: the children had trouble falling asleep in the restroom and it was only once outside, in the pram, that they began to throw themselves into Morpheus’ arms.

Before going to sleep, babies put on overtrousers, small fleece slippers and/or pilot suits. The bed and mattress, meanwhile, are designed to withstand moisture (which is essential, especially in this rainy region).

Watch (a signed video tebeo):

In the middle of winter, babies sleep outside in this nursery from Brest

When babies sleep outside in the middle of winter ❄👶 In this crèche in Brest, a pioneer in the field, except in storms or torrential rain, the team offers the nordic nap especially for children with sleeping problems. The benefits are often felt quickly.

Posted by Le Télégramme on Monday 31 January 2022

Jean de la Fontaine’s nursery is a pioneer in this field. And the least we can say is that this approach seems to be beneficial for babies, so much so that childcare workers are now being asked to share their experiences with other childcare facilities.

Inspiring and promising. And if you’re interested, here’s how the kids in this nursery evolve into a room with no furniture or toys.

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