The French group Bel is launching its plant-based Babybel in the United States. And in France, when is it?

It is round, white, looks like a classic Babybel, but the protective cover is not red, but green. Bel Brands USA is launching a new 100% plant-based Babybel called “Babybel Plant-Based”. The group, which also produces the well-known Boursin and Laughing Cow cheeses, will be marketing this product on American soil from next month. This new alternative to Babybel is certified vegan, GMO-free, contains no soy or gluten and is enriched with calcium and vitamin B12. Individual portions are packed in recyclable packaging. This product is based on coconut oil and starch and is developed to have a soft, smooth and creamy texture and a taste “close to mozzarella”“, the group says.

Taking into account that “53% of the U.S. Population Is Incorporating More Herbal Products Into Their Daily Lives”, Bel Brands USA continues to expand its line of vegan cheeses. The group has already launched Nurishh, the first range of 100% vegan cheese alternatives, as well as Boursin Dairy-Free, a plant-based alternative to the famous Boursin cheese. In the spring of 2022, Bel plans to launch new Nurishh products, including spreadable faux-mage, parmesan faux-mage slices, and others with hot pepper. A vegan Laughing Cow faux magician is also planned for 2023.

When will there be a vegan Babybel in France?

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