VIDEO. At 95, Jeanne-Marie goes to the gym every day

There is no age limit to take care of yourself. Jeanne-Marie, 95, has been going to the gym every day for twenty years. After the death of her husband, this grandmother decided to take the plunge and since then she has been exercising at the 24H Fitness club in Toulon, in the Var. In addition to practicing regular physical activity, she found an active social life and, above all, joy.

Jeanne-Marie is not satisfied with one sports lesson, but with two sessions in a row. “It is the secret of the form”confided them France 3† At 95, she is the oldest member of the 24H Fitness Club in Toulon, where she has been coming every day for 20 years. On the floor, standing, with weights or to music, this hyperactive granny proves to everyone that age is just a number. “She has an extraordinary fishery, she tells a lot of jokes and she motivates the troops”explains Nadia Khalifa, director of the gym.

It was after her husband’s death that Jeanne-Marie wanted to join a gym. Her goal was twofold: to stay active and build a social life. “It brought me friends, it brought me a lot of joy, and then, physically, it’s also very important,” she says to France 3† For her 95th birthday, her friends presented her with a “Miss 95” scarf. But Jeanne-Marie doesn’t want to stop there and hopes to become the club’s first centenarian.

In the meantime, she is a real source of inspiration for the clientele of the hall: “It is unbelievable that she can exercise so much at her age. It encourages me and I hope it will be the same for everyone.”concludes Nicole Cohen, member of the Toulon club.

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An exemplary grandmother who has the peach and gives it to others.

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