In Nice, Russians and Ukrainians pray together in Saint Nicholas Cathedral

As the war rages on, acts of peace, brotherhood and solidarity between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples are increasing around the world. Example in Nice, where the faithful gathered around a prayer.

It is a heartwarming scene in these uncertain times. This Sunday, March 13, 2022, the faithful of the two warring nations prayed together in Saint Nicholas Cathedral. A strong act in a symbolic place, as this religious building is of Russian Orthodox origin. And if these two peoples have chosen to come together on this day, it is for a very specific reason.

Indeed, this March 13 is not only the 18th day of the invasion of Russian troops, it is also the date of the “triumph of Orthodoxy”. In other words, it is the feast of unity in holiness and victory for the Catholic Church. The chance for the Russians and Ukrainians to show their unity.

Men, women and children, including refugees, attended the service, standing and silent, in the nave of the cathedral. This emblematic scene was immortalized by the photographer and reporter of Good morningGregory Leclerc

A reassuring image as we would like to see so many in these times of war.

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