VIDEO. Accompanied by a chicken, he spends his life on the roads aboard his home bicycle

Contrary to what people would sometimes have us believe, there are a thousand ways to live your life. The subway-work-sleep triptych can perfectly leave room for other rhythms, other ways of living, other ways of looking. Demonstration with Félix, a young engineer who, once out of school, decided to think outside the box.

Félix lives aboard a strange machine, halfway between the bike and the house. This house, which is also his only means of transport, Félix conceived and built with his own hands and he continues to improve it as he travels.

He has the essentials on board: a kitchen and a bed. In fact, Félix only deprives himself of one thing: the superficial. As a result, he has space, lacks for nothing and can even travel with a passenger: a hen that brightens up his everyday life.

RTS, the Swiss television, devoted a very nice report to him. Look :

He lives from day to day in his bicycle house

“I don’t have a book. I don’t have a radio. I don’t have internet. It’s up to me to taste the time”. Leaving his technical school, Félix embarks on an unusual adventure. Living off the generosity of others in his bike house. With his hen Chepa he travels the roads of France and Switzerland with the main aim of meeting people. Matthieu Fournier takes you on a journey out of time, Friday at 8:10 p.m. on RTS1.

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This home bike offers Félix enough to move around and find shelter, but above all it allows him to adopt a lifestyle that suits his ambitions, a lifestyle that gives him time, a lifestyle that connects him with people .


“I have no book, I have no radio, I have no internet. So I can’t have fun. It forces me to dig into myself. It’s up to me to flavor the time.”

Adding flavor to time… More than a beautiful formula, a meaningful and incredibly inspiring goal.

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