Pension: The Netherlands is risking everything to stay at home, even if it means that all nursing homes have to close

For an elderly person, leaving the house can be heartbreaking and hasten the end of life. Especially when it comes to exchanging your home for an anonymous and soulless nursing home. That is why the Netherlands has made a radical choice. As indicated France 2they have “use all their resources for home support” leaves for “Cut supplies to retirement homes that have closed one after the other.” Results ? Elderly pampered at home. At least, for those lucky enough to enjoy it. explanation.

In the Netherlands (which spends twice as much as France on the budget for the loss of autonomy), home care has become the rule, while retirement homes have been given the appearance of the exception. Community nurses are responsible for visiting the elderly who need it, both medically and in terms of care and support.

To get an idea of ​​how it works, France 2 went there. Look :

Glad she can stay at home, a sick and bedridden retiree testifies:

“It’s much quieter here. I am treated well. We know each other well. It wouldn’t be the same in a retirement home.”

At his side stands his wife and adds:

“There is always someone there for us and he always takes the time.”

Same story from this retiree, relieved to have visitors every day:

“It’s a huge support that really helps me a lot. If I didn’t, it would be impossible to stay at home. And I definitely want to stay at home.”

This demanding system naturally comes with limitations, especially in terms of personnel and costs. And it is clear that it is far from being fully deployed. But while the Ehpad has scandal after scandal, let’s admit it can give ideas…

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