VegOresto, the search engine that lists vegan restaurants in France

Being vegan and eating out with friends, mission impossible? Not anymore, as more and more establishments are adding vegan options to their menus in light of growing demand. But before you can enjoy these addresses, you still need to find them. To make life easier for gourmets who are looking for a table where it is good to eat plant-based, Vegetarian Oresto lists thousands of vegan tables in France. What it is to have fun in peace, without having to go through every menu to find a salad that does the trick.

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Restaurants, snacks, hotels, vegan-friendly table d’hôtes, the online directory highlights addresses with vegan offerings throughout France. Founded in 2015 by the Animal Defense Association L214, VegOresto now accounts for more than 3,000 partner establishments and guarantees a complete vegan offer† To be listed on the site and the application, restaurants must also sign the VegOresto charter and meet several criteria. For example, the restaurant must offer at least one vegan starter, main and dessert every day. For takeout sales, the brand must serve a daily dish without animal products. But that’s not all, the culinary quality of the vegan offer “should be equal to that of the other dishes on offer”specifies the charter.

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In addition to being referenced in the L214 directory, partner companies can place VegOresto signs on their shop windows, to be more visible to vegan customers… or any other vegetarian, flexitarian or just curious! Note that VegOresto is a participatory tool: any customer or restaurateur can offer to provide information about a new establishment on the site.

An interactive map to facilitate research

No more long hours of searching for a vegan restaurant! VegOresto offers an interactive map that allows you to go on a treasure hunt thanks to geolocation vegan-friendly addresses near you† But it is also possible to select a city other than yours, for a getaway or a move. The search bar thus allows you to enter a zip code, a city or even the name of a restaurant that you have heard of and as a result a multitude of tables for lunch or dinner.

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Each restaurant has a card with photos and important information such as opening times and days, price range, accepted payment methods whether the presence of animals is allowed or not. But that’s not all, on the participation site you can also leave opinions about partner institutions. In total, almost 5,560 customer reviews have been posted on VegOresto since 2015.

Challenges to democratize plant-based cooking

Dedicated to plant-based foods, the search engine has a dual ambition: to make life easier for vegans, but also to democratize this food choice on a large scale. VegOresto offers branches an exciting initiative for this: 100% vegan dinners are regularly organized in restaurants that are not vegan. The menus for these “challenge” evenings are presented on the website of VegOresto, which is committed to “ to fill [les] restaurants ” in question. Purpose of the operation: to make chefs aware of plant-based gastronomy, to show that it is accessible and above all that the demand is there. Since 2015, 779 VegOresto challenges have already been taken up by French tables.

You are looking for a vegan restaurant for tonight or are you just looking for news vegetarian and vegan addresses † Meeting on Vegetarian Oresto to discover the best tables with a vegetable offer to share with your friends

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