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Emmenagogue Plants: Natural Remedies For Painful Periods And Irregular Cycles

Antispasmodic, hot water bottle, warm bath… We all have our little remedies to relieve painful periods. But do you know the so-called “emmenagogue” plants? If this name doesn’t mean anything to you, know that you may have found THE natural and effective solution to calm yourself and regulate your menstrual cycle. Discovery.

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What is an emmenagogue plant?

According to a recent study, 50% of women experience pain during their period. This painful phenomenon is called dysmenorrhea. For all these women, especially those who suffer from endometriosis (about 10% of the French population), this pain is a daily handicap.

But did you know that some plants have the ability to reduce these uterine contractionsbut also from promote menstruation when the cycles are irregular? These are emmenagogue plants. Indeed, if you lose blood outside of your period, these plants will help regulate your cycle, or on the contrary, they can cause menstruation. Of course, nothing beats the advice of a gynecologist, but this natural remedy can still ease your everyday life.

What are Emmenagogue Plants?


Are your uterus and ovaries causing you pain during your period or during ovulation? Yarrow (or Achillea millefolium) can help you relieve menstrual pain by limiting spasms. To do this, pour a flowering stem in hot water (but not hot to keep all its virtues) and drink up to 3 cups a day during your period.

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lady’s mantle

lady’s mantle (or Alchemilla vulgaris) is also used in the case of heavy and painful menstruation† And it is not without reason that this plant is rich in flavonoids, natural substances that act as an anti-bleeding agent and thereby limit inflammation of the uterus. You can use it in the form of herbal tea (maximum 3 cups per day).

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Tarragon is very popular for seasoning fish and is also an emmenagogue plant that acts on the menstrual cycle of women. He is especially recognized for relieve menstrual pain† The most effective is to use tarragon essential oil and place a drop under the tongue, up to 3 times a day.

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witch hazel

Also called Hamamelis virginianaWitch hazel is rich in flavonoids. Result, this plant makes it possible to reduce heavy periods (menorrhagia). You can consume it in decoction, infusion or capsules.

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It is an aromatic plant that is easy to grow and delicious for cooking. But did you know that parsley is also one of the very famous emmenagogue plants. And for good reason, it has the effect of: stimulate menstrual bleeding, which is effective for irregular periods. To take advantage of its virtues, drink infusions 3 times a day from the supposed date of onset of the lines.

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Clary sage and sage

Also known as Salvia sclarea and Salvia officinalisthese two emmenagogue plants are a must if you suffer from menstrual pain and/or hot flashes† They are particularly recommended for young girls who have just settled down and for women who have recently gone through menopause. But ask your doctor for advice before using them, as they are contraindicated in some cases.

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Please you know how to naturally relieve your period pain and regulate your menstrual cycle. Ask your gynecologist, midwife or doctor for advice before using these emmenagogue plants known for their many benefits.

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