Vegetable garden: this is how you easily grow basil in the garden or at home

In salads or pesto, basil is the aromatic summer plant par excellence! A symbol of freshness, the tender leaves can be eaten without moderation on a tomato mozzarella, a pizza or pasta. So to consume it all summer, it is best to still plant it. A good way to save money, avoid unnecessary plastic packaging and always have a few sheets to hand… Here’s how you do it.

basil in jar

Basil bought in pots can be planted in open ground from May to the end of summer. But it can also be repotted in a larger pot to keep it on the balcony or in the kitchen, so the aromatic leaves can easily be used in all your recipes. To keep it as long as possible, choose a very sunny location and sheltered from drafts. Make sure the soil is well-drained, but still slightly moist.

Plant your basil

To make your basil seedlings, you can buy seeds commercially or reclaim some after your plant bloomed last year. The seeds can be sown in the open ground from May and a month earlier for the warmest regions. You can also plant them upstream in a bucket and transplant them into the ground afterwards. As with the location of basil in pots, choose a very sunny spot, sheltered from the wind.

  • To do this, dig a hole that is slightly wider and deeper than the size of your bucket.
  • If the soil is too compact, place pebbles at the bottom of the hole to make the soil more draining.
  • Soak your bucket in water for ten minutes, then remove the basil.
  • Place the root ball in the hole and cover with soil and press lightly.
  • Water abundantly.
  • When the plant reaches 10 cm, pinch off the new shoots to encourage new branches. Do the same with the flowering stems.

An important extra: alternating with your tomato plants, basil acts as a bodyguard against pests. A precious association that is just as beneficial for the aromatic plant as it is for the tomatoes.

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